Fire Defender Trade & Reseller accounts

Fire Defender stock a range of clear fire retardants for use with fabric and timbers and intumescent coatings and paint for AS1530.4 FRL ratings. Fire Defender are the only company in Australia to offer a clear timber fire retardant that gives a natural timber finish for pine and cedar timbers. Our Timber Defence product has been tested and approved for use in Bushfire zones up to BAL29, while our Firefree 88 product can be use in BAL 40-FZ with fire engineer approval. Some of the building code standards we have achieved with our fire retardants include AS1530.2, AS1530.3, AS3959 Bushfire, AS3837 group s and AS1530.4 FRL's.

We can work with you or your Fire Engineer to develop fire rated solutions for commercial, aviation, marine and domestic sectors. We are constantly developing our own products as well as sourcing fire retardants from reputable suppliers.

Clear finish bushfire coating Firefree 88 AS1530.4 FRL ratings Multi Purpose Fire retardant for fabric FLOODSAX Sandless sandbags