PAINT FR was originally designed to be used with our approved Bushfire System however, it can be used with any water based paint that does not contain metallic flakes.

PAINT FR is a water based paint additive that provides a level of fire retardancy. It can be used but is not limited to:

  • use in our approved Bushfire System
  • the theatrical industry where it is added to the water based paint prior to painting sets and props.
  • it can be added to any water based paints (except metallic) to add a fire retardant level of protection.
  • it can be added to water based clears for retaining the natural timber finish.

USAGE: 80-100mls is added to 1 litre of paint. Must be thoroughly mixed through the paint to ensure maximum protection.

Test Reports & Datasheets

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any product purchased from Fire Defender will suit the purpose and/or will meet the requirements of the building code you are required to comply with.

Paint FR Product Images

Image Item Name- Price
PAINT FR 1 litre bottle

PAINT FR 1 litre bottle


PAINT FR 100ml bottle

PAINT FR 100ml bottle