What is a Fire Retardant?
A fire retardant is a penetrating liquid, paint or intumescent coating substance that significantly delays and can prevent the onset of fire.

What does Fire Defender offer that other fire retardant companies products don't?
We are the only Australian company that can offer a clear timber ALL WEATHER Bushfire approve coating and paint system which can be use up to BAL29.
We are the only Australian company that provides an onsite/insitu application service AND compliance certification.

What type of testing has been done?
All testing is done by a laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Test reports can be provided upon request. Most of our testing has been based around the Australian Building Code, but other industry and international standards can be met.

What performance levels can Fire Defender products meet?
We are able to meet most fire rating specifications listed in the Building Code of Australia including:

  • Flammability of Materials - AS1530.2
  • Early Fire Hazard Properties - AS1530.3
  • Cone Calorimeter - AS/NZS3837
  • AS3959 - 2018 Bushfire indices
  • AS1530.4 - FRL ratings

Under the latest release of the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC), Fire retardant paints and coatings can no longer be used to make a substrate compliant under the "Deem-to-satisfy" requirements; they can only be used when approved by a fire engineer under a "Performance Solution".

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any product purchased from Fire Defender will meet the requirements of the building code you are required to comply with.

Can you work on-site so I don't have to have downtime?
This is the most important feature of our service. You can't send your business, school, or hotel to us, so we come to you.

Do you work on an emergency basis?
Absolutely. Hotels, schools, venues, rock bands, live theatre, etc., are always calling us at the last minute because their facilities don't meet the fire codes. As you're probably well aware, if your facility doesn't meet the fire codes, it can't operate.

Are you familiar with the Federal, State, and Municipal governments' regulations on fire prevention?
That's our job. Our familiarity with these regulations is why so many state fire marshals, architects, engineers, and interior decorators use our products.

Do you work with architects and engineers in helping them solve their fire prevention issues?
All the time. We're always willing to discuss your projects and provide any assistance you need to get it done right and on time. Just give us a call.

My company is outside Australia.., is this a problem getting products and services?
Not at all. We'll get you the products and services wherever you are.

Question: What does FRL 120/120/120 mean?

Answer: For example, a wall system under fire test that carries its load for 120 minutes and maintains its integrity and insulation for 120 minutes is given a FRL of 120/120/120, ie 120 minutes structural adequacy, 120 minutes integrity and 120 minutes insulation.